Best GPU LHR Unlocker (Early 2022): LOLMINER vs Trex Miner

To stop miners from purchasing all the high-end graphics cards available, NVIDIA implemented its Lite Hash Rate (LHR) technology. Graphics cards marked with the LHR label experience significant limitations that detrimentally impact their mining capability. Essentially, LHR GPUs offer lower hashrates, resulting in decreased mining profits in comparison to GPUs without the LHR feature.

This made consumer hardware like GPUs unattractive to miners, thereby giving the average user or gamer a higher chance to get their hands on a graphics card. However, to get more out of the LHR cards, various crypto mining enthusiasts came up with special methods to crack NVIDIA’s protection. As a result of their efforts, various hashrate unlockers have emerged, claiming to partially restore the hashrates of LHR GPUs.

As of the time of writing, the best GPU LHR unlocker is the LOLMINER 1.47. Keep reading to see how it does on an NVIDIA RTX 3060 V2.

Dual GeForce RTX 3060 V2 OC Edition

The changelogs on the LOLMINER Github page specifically recommends using the 470.103.01 or all 510.x drivers in order to achieve a more stable experience.

LOLMINER 1.47 with the 470.103.01 driver

This article starts off with the LOLMINER 1.47 with the 470.103.01 driver. Mining was done using the RTX 3060 with HIVEOS. The settings tested by Rabid Mining were:

Overclock/Underclock Settings (LOLMINER 1.47 with the 470.103.01 driver)

CoreMemoryPLHashrateWatts (Software)Watts
12002000Locked32.92N/A100 W0.329
13502700Locked33.13N/A101 W0.328
13502700Locked37.17N/A108 W0.334
14702600Locked37.65N/A117 W0.321
15522800Locked38.64N/A122 W0.316
15902600Locked38.27N/A133 W0.287
-5022700112 W38.13N/A126 W0.302

Rabid Mining recommends the settings in the 3rd row, which is highlighted green. These settings offer the highest mining efficiency compared to all the others at a H/W of 0.334. On the other hand, the settings in the 5th row are the worst settings to use due to the poor mining efficiency. While it is always recommended to use the absolute core clock by locking the power limit, Rabid Mining still tested the mining performance without the absolute core clock, as shown in the settings and relatively mediocre results in the last row.

LOLMINER 1.47 with the 510.60.02 driver

Next, LOLMINER 1.77 with the 510.60.02 driver was tested. The settings used by Rabid Mining were:

Overclock/Underclock Settings (LOLMINER 1.47 with the 510.60.02 driver)

CoreMemoryPLHashrateWatts (Software)Watts
12002000Locked3392 W101 W0.326
12002700Locked33.2693 W103 W0.322
13502700Locked36.1895 W114 W0.317
14702600Locked37.69103 W118 W0.319
15522800Locked38.64115 W123 W0.314
15902600Locked38.23116 W126.6 W0.301
-5022700112 W37.95112 W126 W0.301

It was determined that the first row highlighted in green provided the best settings for mining on this particular driver, giving a H/W ratio of 0.326. In contrast, the last two rows present the worst settings with a H/W ratio of 0.301.

LOLMINER 1.47 Driver 470.103.01 vs Driver 510.60.02

When comparing the 470.103.01 driver with the 510.60.02 driver, the winner is the former, which gave a higher H/W ratio of 0.334, meaning that using the 470.103.01 driver provides a more efficient mining performance. If the drivers are compared row by row according to the overclock/underclock settings, the 470.103.01 driver won in all but one set of settings, as shown in the table below:

CoreMemoryPL470.103.01 H/W510.60.02 H/WWinner
-5022700112 W0.3020.301470.103.01

LOLMINER 1.47 Driver 470.103.01 vs Driver 510.60.02 vs Trex Miner 0.25.9 Driver 510.60.02

Rabid Mining also compared the LOLMINER 1.47 with the Trex Miner 0.25.9 at the 510.60.02 driver. The settings and results were:

Overclock/Underclock Settings (Trex Miner 0.25.9 with the 510.60.02 driver)

CoreMemoryPLHashrateWatts (Software)Watts
12002000Locked29.8884 W94.5 W0.316
13502700Locked29.784 W96 W0.309
13502700Locked33.6593 W93 W0.325
14702600Locked35.69100 W100 W0.318
15522800Locked36.56113 W113 W0.303
15902600Locked36.42119 W119 W0.299
-5022700112 W36.22112 W112 W0.288

From the results, the settings in the third row seem to offer the best performance again, even with the Trex Miner 0.25.9. The settings in the last row gave the weakest mining performance with the lower H/W ratio. Nonetheless, the LOLMINER 1.47 with the 470.103.01 driver seems to perform the better, as shown in the table below.

Head-to-head Comparison [ Slide right for more ] :

CoreMemoryPLLOLMINER 1.47 Driver 470.103.01 H/WLOLMINER 1.47 Driver 510.60.02 H/WTrex Miner 0.25.9 Driver 510.60.02 H/WWinner
12002000Locked0.3290.3260.316LOLMINER 1.47 Driver 470.103.01
13502700Locked0.3280.3220.309LOLMINER 1.47 Driver 470.103.01
13502700Locked0.3340.3170.325LOLMINER 1.47 Driver 470.103.01
14702600Locked0.3210.3190.318LOLMINER 1.47 Driver 470.103.01
15522800Locked0.3160.3140.303LOLMINER 1.47 Driver 470.103.01
15902600Locked0.2870.3010.299LOLMINER 1.47 Driver 510.60.02
-5022700112 W0.3020.3010.288LOLMINER 1.47 Driver 470.103.01


The LOLMINER 1.47 currently gives overall better mining performance when compared to the Trex Miner 0.25.9 with its higher H/W ratio across various settings. Of the tested drivers, the 470.103.01 driver provides slightly enhanced performance, winning most of the head-to-head comparisons against the 510.60.02 driver.

Nonetheless, the results may differ from card to card. Hence, you may need to do your own testing to get results specific to your rig. Moreover, the LHR unlocker space is quite competitive. Trex Miner may come out with an improved LHR unlocker in the future, which may possibly surpass LOLMINER’s current performance.

Best GPU LHR Unlocker: LOLMINER 1.47 Driver 470.103.01 vs Driver 510.60.02 vs Trex Miner 0.25.9 Driver 510.60.02 :

BEST LHR UNLOCKER SO FAR!!! | LOLMINER 1.47 3060 Hashrates

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